Carnes Ñuble

Over the years, Chilean meat has ranked among the best meats in the world. The narrow territory with abundant pastures and with an optimal climate for raising the finest bovine breeds, combine to achieve this international registered trademark.

Since their birth, the cattle are raised in the open field in the thousands of kilometers of green pampas with pastures rich in proteins and fibers. This meat has a distinctive color and flavor due to the particularity of the production.

Its main attributes to the consumer’s senses are tenderness, it is juicy, it has an exquisite aroma and it has an attractive and indisputable flavor that makes it stand out from other meats nationwide.

In Chile, per capita beef consumption has increased considerably. The great tradition of the country in this matter, has turned the national consumer into a true expert of meats and cuts.

Meat is a rich, healthy and natural food. We invite you to visit this site, and so you can learn which cuts are best suited to each type of dish. Delight your family and friends with the most delicious casseroles, stews, empanadas, other typical dishes of Chilean and world cuisine.