About Us

At Ñuble Alimentos we are committed to you and our environment, we work daily to produce and prepare the best products that reach your home with the least possible impact on our environment. We have a commitment with our collaborators to work hard to deliver the best of ourselves in each product of our company. For this reason, we take care of every step we take and faithfully believe in the well-being of each one of us through the care and fulfillment of the production processes.


Ñuble Alimentos currently exports to several countries, including Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, China, Peru and Canada.

Our high quality standards allow us to deliver superior quality to our clients. We have certifications and production processes that ensure that all Ñuble Alimentos products meet the necessary quality.

To contact us you can write to exportaciones@nublealimentos.cl

The beggining
Ñuble Alimentos is a Chilean company, with more than 60 years of experience producing products specially designed for the Family needs.

1960 Establishment of Carnes Ñuble
1960 Establishment of Frival

1960 - 1980

This great company has been innovating since 1982 in slaughter, stripping, processed and special products. Under the beaf brand, boxed meat packaging begins and in 1987 it implements vacuum sealing technology, which allows it to reach consumers with fresh meat, with longer shelf life, fully entering the mass consumer market. .

1986 Establishment of Socosur

Our factory
In 1990 the elaborated products were added, with its own factory, which has a demanding process of quality, hygiene and presentation. Its main products are: Burgers, steaks and Ground Beef.

1990 Export pioneers
1993 Bovines Imports
1995 Export to Japan

1990 -1999
A new age
By the year 2000 Carnes Ñuble already produces meat subject to strict selection and traceability protocols, offering the market the prestigious Pampa Verde brand, which strengthens the path to exports during 2003.

2005 Pioneers in imp. From USA
2006 Enter new property
2008 Carnes Ñuble acquires Frival and Socosur

2000 - 2009
We are still by your side
Today Carnes Ñuble is a modern and dynamic company certified to export that offers the market; debuted meat with the Carnes Ñuble brand, selected Premium meat with the Pampa Verde brand, elaborated and special products with our own brands aimed at various market niches, in addition to producing various products for third parties with prestigious brands.

2015 Merge between Carnes Ñuble – Frival and the production operation is concentrated in Valdivia
2018 Merge between Carnes Ñuble – Socosur
2020 The company faces the pandemic on a very good footing.

2010 - 2020


Carnes Ñuble S.A. has the firm conviction that our production processes must be aligned with work schemes that guarantee quality and safety for each of the products we make and that they will be part of pleasant moments with reliable food on the tables of Chilean families. Thinking about these objectives, Carnes Ñuble S.A. made the decision to certify its production processes with the international FSSC 22000 standard, both in its meat processes with added value at its headquarters located in Santiago and at its slaughtering and stripping plant located in the city of Valdivia.

The FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) scheme is based on the combination of the ISO 22000 standards for Food Safety Management, the ISO / TS 22002-1 prerequisite program and additional requirements established by FSSC. This food safety scheme is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).