The PampaVerde Premium line is designed to satisfy the most demanding palates. Their meats come only from animals selected and raised under optimal conditions to achieve more tender, soft and of a good caliber. Our cattle from birth are raised freely grazing in extensive green meadows in southern Chile, guaranteeing meats of exquisite and exclusive flavor.
In each of the processes, we carry out a refined selection of cuts with traceability certification 
and we prepare the best Premium products, ready for consumption in our country and in the most demanding foreign palates.

With our delicious Premium PampaVerde products you will be able to stand out and stand out from all the others, enjoy a flavor that you never imagined feeling. Satisfy your family and friends with its unmistakable and delicious taste.

Enjoy PampaVerde in family, work and / or recreational celebrations, since with its various products you can prepare whatever you imagine. All your guests will want to know the secret of your delicious preparations.

The normal color of beef immediately after slaughter is purple-reddish. As oxygen comes into contact with the surface of the meat, it is absorbed and combines with Myoglobin to become Oxymyoglobin, giving the cut a new bright cherry color. In vacuum packed meat, the pigment is present as Myoglobin (color of freshly slaughtered meat), once the bag is opened, thanks to contact with air, the natural color of Oxymyoglobin (bright cherry) will regenerate in approximately 15 minutes.