Animal Welfare: It is the most important thing, beyond the known effect on the quality of meat, Animal Welfare is part of a concept increasingly disseminated by the UN which is “One Health One Welfare”, which states that the welfare and health of animals (as well as the environment) are one together with humans. This is based, for example, on the fact that about
60% of the diseases that affect humans are of animal origin. The same is applied to the fact that an animal that is provided with conditions for its well-being, will translate into better quantitative and qualitative yields, which will ultimately have greater benefits for producers and the production chain in general. Imagine a 5-star resort, the animals have food, rest and a heavenly place, that translates into zero stress and a better quality of life, that definitely impacts the final result of our products.

As a plant, we have defined a permanent training program for the personnel, on topics related to the science of Animal Welfare, covered by training with SAG authorization as a professional trainer in Animal Welfare according to Law 20380 on livestock protection, of a veterinarian from our team .

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