In natural grasslands, where the purity of the water and the freshness of the wind come together, Torobayo products originate, Premium meats characterized by their indisputable quality and exclusivity.

Torobayo meats have their origin in the heart of the Valdivian jungle, in a magical environment with abundant green grass and an incomparable climate typical of the South of Chile that offers the possibility of obtaining tender and fresh products.

This Premium meat also stands out above the others for a meticulous classification of the animals and a refined selection of cuts that allow to deliver a unique product.

Torobayo is a legacy of the people of the south, and thanks to the artisan workmanship of its butchers, it provides its most demanding customers with unmatched products that have already become a true tradition for several families in Chile.

Its various quality cuts are ideal to enjoy an exquisite barbecue or family meal and are capable of delighting any palate.